We create identities for small and medium sized businesses. First impression is the most vital, whether it is a website, business card, or just a graphic put on the product it must be instantly recognizable, easy to remember and should effectively differentiate your company from the competition. 

Only effective branding will create your brand and place it successfully on the market. We will create for you unconventional logo and creative graphic design of: web sites, flyers, folders, and all advertising materials needed for the existence of your company in a wide circle of customers.

We approach each customer individually, thus creating for you a clear and consistent visual identity, to emphasize the specific and unique nature of your business. If you are determined to start cooperation with us, we guarantee a creative approach to the project and the satisfying results of our work. 

We propose creative solutions that are always based on a close cooperation with the customer, so during the whole process you have insight into what we create and the opportunity to give the direction of our work. All your suggestions backed by our skills and research market will result in a spectacular and original solution for your company.

Quality guaranteed

We never use the templates available on the network, each proposal is supported on the individual analysis of the characteristics of your company based on the supplied brief. You can trust us because we put in this work the heart and soul and always try to make our clients satisfied that they chose us. 

We are confident in our skills, since our work was frequently rewarded in business publications, and also appeared in the inspiration websites and albums devoted to branding.

Stages of cooperation

.01 In the beginning, define your budget - it depends on the further scenario of our cooperation. We always try to tailor our projects to the budget that you have - you know in advance what you can expect in a particular price range. Write to us and we will determine pricing and acquaint you with the details of further cooperation. At this stage we will also establish a starting date that is convenient to both parties. 

.02 After the preliminary findings, we will present to you a Brief, which is necessary to create a solid identity. Based on the information in it, we can create a project corresponding to you in 100%. 

.03 In the first stage you'll get from us "drafts" of projects, it will allow you to check the direction that we chose. In this phase, everything can be freely changed and modified. 

.04 Step two - create the right design: for the logo it is a few suggestions from among the drafts pre-selected by you. With websites we focus on one project, based on jointly developed layout. Other advertising materials are treated individually. In this part the changes and modifications are only cosmetic. 

.05 Completion of the project. When you are satisfied with the final result, and financial matters were settled, we will send to you the source files of the final draft.

.06 During the cooperation we issue up to date invoices for each expense incurred under the implementation of our project. if you need, we can write down a transfer of copyrights.


If you have any questions, drop us a line on info@triptic.pl We will reply as soon as possible 
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